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The owner of the Internet shop is the company:
Nutrifarm Sp. z o.o.

I. General provisions.

1. The Rules of the Internet Shop determine the conditions and principles for acquisition of goods in the Internet shop of the company Nutrifarm Sp. z o.o. with legal office in Pustynia 84G, 39-200 Dębica, entered into the Register of Dictrict Court in Rzeszow, XII Business Department of National Court Register under no 0000234182, hereinafter called Nutrifarm, using the Internet shop, which is available on the web through the site: (hereinafter called: „Internet shop”).
2. The shop handles orders on the territory of European & International.
3. Each person placing order (hereinafter called: „Customer”) with the Internet shop must get familiar with the Rules.
4. Ignorance of the Rules does not dispense the Customer from principles included therein.
5. Placing an order with Olimp Live & Fight Internet shop means acceptance of all provisions of these Rules.
6. A Customer may be every natural or legal person or organisational unit without legal personality, that possesses an e-mail-address and full capacity to enter into legal transactions.
7. A natural person placing an order must be of full legal age (18 years) and hale full capacity to enter into legal transactions. In case of minors a consent of a parent or guardian is necessary.

II. Prices and delivery cost.

1. All prices specified in the pages of the Internet shop are in EUR currency and include the VAT tax.
2. The Customer will select the valid in the Internet shop method of payment:
a) prepayment – payment through the PayPal system,
b) prepayment - payment with pay card through the Ecard system, accepted pay cards:
- Visa,
- Visa Electron,
- MasterCard,
- MasterCard Electronic,
- Maestro,
c) prepayment – online payment through the ePrzelew Ecard system, operated systems:
- mTransfer (mBank)
- MultiTransfer (MultiBank),
- Millennium – Płatności Internetowe(Bank Millennium S.A.),
- Płacę z Nordea (Nordea),
- Przelew24 (BZ WBK),
- Przelew z BPH,
- Płacę iPKO,
- Płacę z Inteligo (Inteligo),
- Pekao24przelew (Bank Pekao S.A.),
- Płacę z Citi Handlowego (Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. Citi Handlowy),
- Płać z BOŚ(Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A.),
- Płacę z Alior Bank (Alior Bank S.A.),
- MeritumBank Przelew(Meritum Bank ICB S.A),
- Pay Way Toyota Bank (Toyota Bank Polska S.A.)
- Crédit Agricole przelew online (Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.),
- Eurobank płatność online,
- Płać z ING (ING Bank Śląski S.A.),
3. Delivery method – messenger service.
4. Delivery is dispatched just after we enter the payment.
5. The specified product prices does not include shipment cost.
6. The delivery cost of shipment goes to the charge of Customer.
7. Delivery cost is added automatically to the shipment price of each order depending on place( country) of delivery.
8. Olimp LIVE & FIGHT reserves the right to change product prices included in the offer. Price changes do not apply to orders accepted for execution. Olimp LIVE & FIGHT reserves the right to withdraw particular products from offer.

III. Rules for order execution.

1. To place an order with our shop you must register your data with our data base, and activate the account using an activation link sent to the indicated in the registration form e-mail address.
2. To place an order you must:
a) log in with our Shop,
b) add the selected product/products to the „chart”,
c) select payment method,
d) confirm the order using the button „Send order”,
e) after confirmation of a prepayment order use the button „Pay” and make payment through the selected system of electronic payments.
3. When you have placed an order, an automatic e-mail will be sent to the address given in the order including all data concerning the order and its number.
4. An order will not be executed in case of giving incorrect, untrue or incomplete data by the Customer.
5. A prepayment order will be executed after entry of payment on the bank account of Olimp LIVE & FIGHT company (concerns systems eCard and PayPal).
6. The ordered product will be shipped immediately, however not longer than after 1-3 days from the date of entry of payment on the bank account of Nutrifarm company.
7. An order will be executed under condition, that the ordered product is available in our warehouse. In the opposite case the Customer is informed of the actual condition and talks are started on the subject of further execution of the order (prolongation of execution time or annulment of the order).
8. Order modification is possible by contact with Internet shop until the time of shipment of the ordered goods.
9. For the ordered product will be issued a VAT invoice for business units (required data for VAT invoices: company name, address and VAT reg. no). In case of incorrect or untrue data no invoice will be issued.
10. For natural persons, who do not run business, will be issued a cash register receipt.
11. An order may not be executed, when the ordered goods are not available in Olimp LIVE & FIGHT warehouse.


1. At the moment of receipt of goods the Customer shall check the condition of the shipment.
In case of statement of a damaged shipment the Customer shall notify the Supplier of that fact and contact Olimp LIVE & FIGHT’s help service immediately. Claimed damage of shipment during transport will be considered only based on declaration made with employee of delivery /messenger service company at the moment of shipment delivery.
2. In case of faulty, factory damaged or incomplete goods we warrant their replacement against fault free goods, under condition of declaring the damage within
5 working days from the date of receipt of the shipment. In case of exhausting of stocks, the shop warrants replacement with other products or money equivalent in the amount of purchased goods.
3. The condition for considering the claim is the return of faulty goods together with purchase invoice and claim letter to the address:
Pustynia 874F
39- 200 Debica, PL
4. Considering the claim will follow within 15 days from date of delivery of the product to Nutrifarm company.
5. In compliance with the Act of 2nd of March 2000 (Legal gazette of 2000 , no 22 item 271 as amended), the Customer may withdraw from the purchase contract within 15 days by return of the goods in unchanged condition (the goods must be delivered in original package – the shipment must not be unpacked). At the same time we inform, that in order to return the goods previous contact with Olimp LIVE & FIGHT is indispensable.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return or replace your order. Please follow the return rules and instructions:
1. The original Purchase Receipt must accompany all returns and completed Returns Form.
2. The item(s) must be returned in original condition for resale, unless in defective.
3. The item(s) cannot be damaged and dirty.
4. The item(s) cannot be crumpled.
5. The item(s) must be packed in original polybag, with all tags and shipping box.
6. The item(s) cannot have deodorant stains or other markings, cannot have become scanted by perfume or other odors.
7. The item(s) must be returned in an unworn condition.
8. If you are returning non-faulty item, then the cost of returning the item to Olimp LIVE & FIGHT is your responsibility.
6. Goods which do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted as retuned goods.
7. In case of return of goods, the Customer pays the cost of shipment of goods to and back from the Customer.
8. In case of return of purchased products the Customer will receive reimbursement of payment for the purchased products (the reimbursement will not include shipment cost) within 7 days from the date of goods´ admittance to the warehouse:
a) in case of card payment – reimbursement of goods will be performed directly to the pay card of Customer.
b) in case of pre-payment on bank account - reimbursement of goods will be performed directly to the customer’s bank account.
9. In case of considering the claim as justified the Customer will receive reimbursement of payment for the purchased products (the reimbursement does not include shipment cost) within 7 days from the date of considering the claim:
a) in case of payments with cash on delivery, ePrzelew and PayPal – to the bank account indicated by the Customer with e-mail or claim statement,
b) in case of payments with pay card – reimbursement of means will be performed directly to the card of Customer.
10. Claims shall be addressed via e-mail to: or to the address: Olimp LIVE & FIGHT Division, Pustynia 84F, 39-200 Dębica, PL.
In the claim shall be filled claim sheet correctly.
11. Return Policy and CLAIM SHEET are sending with all orders.
11. Olimp LIVe & FIGHT is not liable for damages resulting from wrong use of ordered products.


1. The Clients of the Internet shop remit their personal data indispensable for execution of the order and consent to storage and processing of these data for marketing and documentation goals, only for the needs of Olimp LIVE & FIGHT. The Customers are entitled to review their data, correct them and to request stopping using them. Personal data administrator is Olimp LIVE & FIGHT.
2. The exclusive owner of author´s rights concerning product descriptions, photos and all other materials, which you can find on the pages of Internet shop is the company Olimp LIVE & FIGHT.
In compliance with the Author´s and Akin Rights Act of 4th of February 1994 any copying, multiplying, publishing (in fragments or as a whole) of the placed there descriptions and photos without previous written consent of Olimp LIVE & FIGHT will be considered a violation of Olimp LIVE & FIGHT. intellectual property rights.


1. The content of the Internet shop is not a quotation in the sense of Civil Code.
2. To matters not dealt with in this document apply appropriate regulations of Civil Code.
3. Olimp LIVE & FIGHT reserves the right to modify these Rules. New Rules come in force after elapse of 14 days from the date of making it available by Olimp LIVE & FIGHT.
4. We made every effort to provide you with the most convenient and simple to operate shop possible. However if any problems with purchase with our shop occur, we specify below the most important information and principles which make it possible to make correct shopping with our store.

Contact: Your enquiries, suggestions and information on occurred problems, concerning the Internet shop of Olimp LIVE & FIGHT., may be send by e-mail to the address:

+48 14 680 98 16
+48 14 680 98 33

or address for correspondence:

Pustynia 84F,
39-200 Dębica, PL